Parents Getting Involved (PGI)

Mission Statement

KSC-CDC PGI’s mission is to further enrich the KSC Child Development Center (CDC) and the children's learning experience through activities, beyond the CDC's means, while creating a valuable network of parents and CDC staff.

What does the PGI do for the KSC CDC?

Every person who has a child enrolled in the KSC CDC is a member of PGI.

Many activities that your children participate in are funded by PGI. PGI is made up of parents who volunteer their time to organize and run events that are held throughout the year. These events usually correspond with the themes being taught that week at the CDC and usually take place during CDC school hours. PGI also buys toys, books, and other classroom items for the children at the CDC at the request of the teachers and administrators. This is all paid for through PGI sponsored fundraising efforts and book fairs.

Examples of activities are shown in the table below.

Month Event
August School supply drive board
September Career Day
October Dentist visit for Healthy Teeth week
November Book fair
December Holiday Party Santa visit
January Wild, Wild West Pony Rides
March Book fair
April Fundraising (All-American Picnic Parking)
April Earth Day - Recycling talk with RC the cat
May Teacher Appreciation Week
June Graduation
June Support Simply Science Week
July Support An Adventure in Space Week & Astronaut Visit
July Summer Celebration

How can you get more involved?

Every person who has a child enrolled in the KSC CDC is a member of PGI. However, if you would like to become a Facilitator or a Support Resource, please feel free to contact any of the PGI facilitators listed below. A Facilitator is a parent who is able/willing to commit on a year-long basis. A Support Resource is a person that would like to be included on PGI distribution for as-need support.

Additionally, if you have new ideas for fun activities, fundraising opportunities or ways the PGI can help improve the CDC, email a PGI Facilitator or drop a note in the PGI Facilitator mailbox in the CDC lobby. And don’t forget to look for announcements/volunteer request posted in the CDC lobby for upcoming events.

PGI Facilitators

Name Phone Email
Amy Munch
321-867-5903 amy.munch@nasa.gov
Darren Gibson
321-861-0337 darren.h.gibson@nasa.gov
Kimberly Cooper
321-867-4226 kimberly.cooper@nasa.gov
Kristin Graziani
321-867-9079 kristin.n.graziani@nasa.gov
Lyndsay Snead
321-867-9309 lyndsay.l.snead@nasa.gov

Feel free to call or email any of the facilitators if you have questions or concerns